Mensch, Musik! #8
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with the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin (RSB)

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How can music and art still reverse the downward trajectory of the will to freedom even in the face of direct threat? How can creative Eros put a stop to the destructive instinct? And what happens when I replace guilt and repentance before God with love and responsibility before others?

At the center is the famous Bach cantata "Mein Herze schwimmt in Blut" for which tauchgold has written a new text. It no longer deals with pain, guilt and remorse before God, but with the simple yet complicated question: What are we as human beings other than the word we give each other and honor or break it?

Under the direction of Dutch conductor Bas Wiegers, the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin is transcending the boundaries of symphonic music by inviting artists to push the boundaries of classical performance practice – this time with works by composers who were given or denied freedom for random reasons. All of them are linked by the question: When am I free and what does freedom mean to me?

Philipp Mathmann, vocals
Gustavo Ilano, choreography and dance
Inka Löwendorf, acting
Renée T. Coulombe (catalyst), digital audio and live piano

Conductor - Bas Wiegers
Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra
tauchgold - text, concept, direction

Premiere: March 01, 2024, Haus des Rundfunks, Berlin


+49 177 7 12 00 62 (Florian Goldberg)
+49 178 636 56 80 (Heike Tauch)

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