Mensch, Musik! #9
Leading (Astray)

Performance with the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin

Technological progress makes it possible more than ever to reach every individual at any time and in any place with targeted images and sounds. We are constantly exposed to the whispers of the various political, economic and erotic pick-up artists that populate the global public sphere.
How do I deal with this as an individual? Which guidance and which seduction do I seek? Which do I succumb to, which do I resist? Who do I allow to lead me? By whom will I be led astray? In other words: How do I find my own ground and how do I stand on it? „Leading (Astray)” takes up these questions and expands them to include the consideration of how people can be seduced into doing good by aesthetic means.

Jocelyn B. Smith, poetry speaker and vocals
Students of Sophie-Scholl-Schule, Rap-Choir
Rap-ChorEmme Moises & Samaquias Lorta (catalyst)

Conductor - Jonathan Stockhammer
Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra
tauchgold - text, concept, direction

Premiere: May 24, 2024, Haus des Rundfunks, Berlin


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+49 178 636 56 80 (Heike Tauch)

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