Borrowed Landscape

A Narratorio for Piano Trio and Voices

A famous Stradivarius, walled up for years in a cellar in Budapest. A double bass, left behind in 1939 when fleeing from Poland to Erez Israel. A piano, silenced after the Hiroshima bomb killed its young owner. - The musicians of a trio approach the stories of their three special instruments. What secrets are hidden in them?

German Radio Version

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What meaning do we humans assign to things? Can an object, can an instrument develop something like personality? Does an instrument remember - or: how does it remember its players? What is memory, what is forgetting? What must be remembered, what can be forgotten? - These are the questions the musicians of a piano trio explore when they are invited to a memorial concert in Hiroshima. They tell the story of their unusual instruments - a piano, a violin, a double bass. For decades they were considered lost. Now that they have been rediscovered and are being played again, it is as if they had held out and waited, while their fates are stored in them as in an archive.

Yu Kosuge - piano
Theo Lee - double bass
Indira Koch - musical direction & violin
Fritzi Haberlandt - acting
Samuel Finzi - acting
Felix Goeser - acting
Valery Tscheplanowa - acting

Dai Fujikura - composition
Jean-Boris Szymczak - sound engineer, studio P4
Sabine K├╝chler - dramaturgy
tauchgold - concept, text, direction

First broadcast: 18.06.2022, Deutschlandfunk


+49 177 7 12 00 62 (Florian Goldberg)
+49 178 636 56 80 (Heike Tauch)

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